The following principles define our commitment
to protect the privacy of our customers.

The Promise
We will not sell or rent our customer lists or information
about any customer.

Insuring Consumer Privacy
We actively participate in industry associations and forums to
encourage and lead the development of strong, effective privacy
policies and guidelines.

We provide customers listed in our site with a continuous option
to decide whether or not they wish to receive e-mail marketing

We release individual information only if the customer gives
their consent or when we are required to do so by law or other
regulatory authority.

We will encourage a strong commitment to consumer's privacy within
the companies we select as business partners. These include companies
who assist us in providing services or those that supply information
used in our site. Information Practice
We limit the information we collect about customers to what is needed
to accurately provide products and services requested by our customers.

We employ rigorous technology and employee practices to ensure the
highest possible standards of accuracy, completeness and timeliness.
     If we must deny a consumer's application for service or terminate a
consumer's relationship with us, in cases other than fraud we will
provide upon request the reasons, nature, substance, and information used in the decision. Employee Standards
Only those employees needed to carry out the business functions may
have access to information on individual customers.
We employ security techniques to safeguard our customer information.

Each employee has a personal responsibility for maintaining customer
confidence in We train each employee on the Privacy Principles, and those violating these
principles will be subject to disciplinary action, including dismissal
in appropriate cases.



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