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Rolex Crown & Tubes

All model Vintage Rolex crown and tube


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same specification or same measurement as original and   any watches 
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Crown for 6239 Daytona watch

24-600-0 Crown 6 mm
24-600 Tube
Crown and tube complete
for 6239 Daytona watch

Crown & Tube 24-7030

Crown 24-703-0
Tube 24-7030
for old or new submariner

Apple to apple
same as factory specs

Crown for 1665 vintage 24-702-0

Crown & Tube for sea-dweller vintage 24-702-0

For model 1665, 5517
excellent after market quality same as
factory specs.

Big 8 mm Crown & tube for Submariner 5510-6538

Big crown 24-800-0

Big crown 8 mm crown for old Submariner
5510, 6536,6538 stainless steel
same factory specs.
Tube same factory specs, have gasket inside
the crown has 24 cut same as factory

6263, 6265 Crown and tube 24-7020

Daytona 6263, 6265 
Vintage Replacement crown 24-702-0 and tube 24-7020
Fit case 6263, 6265, water proof
Excellent after market quality.
If you need vintage old look Please notify us.

Tube 25-7000 replace for Daytona watch

Tube for Daytona vintage 6263, 6265 24-7000
Also this tube for Rolex & Tudor Submariner
Same factory specs.

Tube for Daytona 6239

Tube for Daytona 6239 24-6000
High quality same factory specs.

Crown & Tube vintage ref. 24-702-0

Crown Tube vintage 1665 24-7020
Old Vintage look ref. 1665, or sub 5517
After market excellent quality
same as factory specs.

Crown only 24-703-0

replacement for Rolex crown 24-703-0
Submariner and Daytona crown
  • High quality replacement crown for:
    Submariner Rolex, 5512,5513,1680
    Daytona, 6263, 6265
    Price for Crown only

Tube only 24-7030 Submariner and Daytona

Tube 24-7030
for Chronograph and sport sub.

high quality replace tube #24-7030
for Chronograph and sport sub, The price for tube only

3525 Crown tube for vintage chronograph

3525 Oyster Rolex crown
6.00 mm , Old type crown for 3525 or Bubble oyster watch