6239 Chronograph

  • Case back 6239
    after market same specification of original
    fit all genuine parts
  • Body case 6240 or 6239
  • Round pushing buttons
  • Dial Paul Newman, black, white
  • Crystal  # 25-21
  • JAW crown 6 mm # 24-600-0
  • JAW tube with "O" ring gasket #24-6010
  • Case back gasket
  • Chronograph bridge 5 lines or 2 lines engraving #8500
  • Balance bridge #110A
  • Stud to hold hairspring
  • Train bridge # 122-3E
  • Movement plate block top engraving
  • Movement plate block bottom engraving
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    all Complete watch to built the price estimates request
     quote only and good for 2 weeks
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    Jewelryandwatch.com only carry after market replacement spare parts same specification or same measurement as original and   any watches we sell are not 100% original.

     Not Relate to any famous brand name or ROLEX USA

    6239 Cosmograph Daytona

    Daytona case 6239 complete stainless steel

    Balance bridge # 110A

    722 Stud holding hairspring

    Case back gasket

    Chronograph bridge 2 lines engraving

    Crystal topic 25-21

    Tube 24-6020

    Hands set complete for black sub-dial

    Paul Newman dial for 6239 silver

    Water proof Crown 24-6000

    Round Pusher button for case 6239