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you can do it yourself.

 Note to all buyers:
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Jewelryandwatch.com only carry after market replacement spare parts
same specification or same measurement as original and   any watches 
we sell are not 100% original. Not Relate to any famous brand name or ROLEX USA


6240 Complete watch Stainless steel

6240 Complete watch
Concern about Valjoux 72R movement,

Concern the movements market price to much flexible, all Complete watch to built the price estimates request quote only and good for 2 weeks

6240 Complete watch
Full Modify from Valjoux 72
Caliber 722
Stainless steel complete case with Bakelite bezel
Come with strap leather band and RLX buckle

Complete case 6240

6240 Complete case.

Same factory specs.

Including crown tube 24-7020
Crystal 25-21 Dome or flat
Pushers button same factory specs.
Stainless steel 316L
Full Engraving