1680 Submariner complete replacement case
Vintage look are available Please notify us when you order

Complete replacement case
  • body case full engraving
  • case back full stamp
  • Crown & Tube
  • Crystal
  • Bezel and bezel insert
    Sames factory specs with pearl dot.

1680 RLX Sport Sub. complete case

1680 Sport Sub. complete case
Excellent crown guard

  • Sames factory specs.
  • High quality hand milling and refinished
  • Full stamp and engraving by your request.
  • Crown tube same as factory specs.
  • Crystal 25-127 acrylic
  • complete bezel same as factory specs.
  • Water proof.
  • Fit caliber 1570 Date model ref. 1500 do not use Date-Just model
  • high quality insert with pearl dot like factory.

1680 Complete Vintage case

1680 Complete vintage case

35 years old Vintage look Complete case as good condition
All you need to install:

  • Movement 1570 Oyster Date ref. 1500, 1501,  Do not use Datejust
  • Dial
  • Hand set

This is replacement case not original