Complete replacement case
  • Body case full engraving
  • Case back full stamp
  • Crown & Tube 24-7020 or 24-7030 
  • Crystal
  • HEV release valve
  • Bezel complete with insert.
  • Vintage look optional by your request

Notice to Buyer: these case are not original
the are for replacement or custom build by your request.

Vintage look are available Please notify us when you order

5514 COMEX Complete case

Custom engraving for COMEX Any numbers
HEV Valve
Water proof
Crystal 25-19
Stainless steel 316L
Crown & Tube 24-7020
Gasset under crystal retainer ring

5514 Complete Comex submariner

5514 Complete Comex submariner

5514 Vintage Complete case

Complete replacement case
This is Vintage (old) look complete case
lugs worn off and case not high polish
both lugs shoulder has been scratch
more like 20 year old case.

5514 from 5513 case back

Case back only for 5514 Comex

need send us COMEX number and serial number