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TD 7032
Monte Carlo
Complete watch
Original movement Valjoux 7734
High quality crystal
Genuine crown tube and Pushers
water proof, Full engraving

TD 7032/0 Monte Carlo

7032/0 Monte Carlo
Valjoux 7734
Magnified Glass at 6 o'clock high quality
watch, same factory specs.
high quality imprint dial

Original Valjoux 7734

7031 Bakelite bezel

Tudor Monte Carlo 7031
Bakelite bezel
  • 33 mm inner x 40.70 our side diameter
  • High quality Bakelite bezel
  • High quality print

7032 Bezel

Tudor Monte Carlo 7032/0
Stainless steel bezel
Stainless steel bezel
Measurement 39.50 mm diameter
inside 33 mm

TD Oyster band 20 mm

Tudor 20 mm Oyster band

Out stock

  • Folding buckle
  • Full stamp
  • Oyster link
  • Fit Tudor Submariner and Monte Carlo