1655 dial jaw-1

Explorer II 1655

Explorer II or Explorer I
Dials, Excellent Quality

  • Vintage aged marker
  • Light cream white luminous
  • New hand set or aged  vintage look are available

1655 Explorer II

Explorer II Dial replacement
Ref. 1655
Fit caliber 1570, 1575
From J.A.W

Vintage look
None Glow in dark

Explorer II dial White cream luminous

White luminous, light cream
High quality dial light cream white luminous
None Glow In dark

1655 Explorer Hand set

Excellent quality, same factory specification
of original hands,
1655 Explorer II Vintage hand
if you would like to aged please make not when you order

Explorer II hand set white luminous

Explorer II
High quality same as factory specs.

1655 Explorer II Dial Medium vintage

1655 Explorer II Medium cream color

1655 Explorer II Medium color Vintage Luminous
Fit 1570-1575 Caliber