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Patek, Rolex, Tudor
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July 2016


Patek 1579

1579 Chronograph Patek.
18KT Yellow gold

Or best offer

1579 Patek, 18kt yellow gold

Yacht-Master S.S

16622 Yacht-master
$4500.00 or best offer.

Stainless steel,
Water proof
Original movement caliber 3135
Pre-own vintage look

6538 James bond Submariner

6538 Submariner
Caliber 1030
  • Water proof
  • High quality dial
  • 8 mm crown tube factory specs
  • Dome crystal
  • Vintage look case


Tudor 7016 Submariner

Tudor Submariner 7016
Water proof, ETA movement
Factory specs. Fit all genuine parts

9401 Blue Dial complete watch

9401 Complete watch blue dial
S.S high quality watch
  • Complete watch 9401
    New look Blue dial
  • 24-7020 crown tube
  • 25-19 crystal
  • watch proof
  • ETA movement with Tudor rotor
  • full engraving

Tudor 9401 Blue dial Submariner

Tudor 9401 Blue dial and blue bezel
ETA Movement, water proof,
2 Weeks Delivery

Tudor 9401 No date Black dial

Tudor Price Submariner
ETA movement
Water Proof, Factory specs.
Black dial and black bezel

Tudor 9411 Oyster Date Submariner

9411 Black dial
Submariner with Date
Water proof, ETA movement
Factory specs. fit all genuine parts.

Vintage look are available.

7016 Tudor Submariner Gilt dial

High quality gilt dial, Tudor Submariner
  • Water proof
  • High quality dial
  • All accessories fit genuine parts
  • High quality Swiss movement ETA, fully modified
  • Full stamp and engraving

Tudor 7921 Chronograph Blue dial

Tudor 7921 Chronograph
Caliber 7750
  • Water proof,
  • Crown Tube and pusher by JAW
    (Factory specs)
  • Caliber 7750
  • Blue dial and blue Bakelite bezel
  • Oyster band full stamp